Alumni Information

Our graduates get great jobs in Los Angeles and beyond. The alumni come back and provide invaluable advisement and resources for our team. Below are a few statistics from our 2005-2020 alumni.

What companies do our alumni work for?

3M Advanced Flow Engineering Boeing Cummins Royal Truck Body General Electric General Motors Glenair Honda Jet Propulsion Laboratory Department for Work and Pensions Lockheed Martin Northrop Grumman RBC Bearings Teledyne United Postal Service Honeywell singer aerospace

How long after graduating did they get hired?

Hiring Timeline Pie Chart

What advice can you give prospective members?

"Baja requires a substantial time commitment, but every hour I put into Baja has been worth it. Keeping up grades is important but learning how to apply what you learn in the classroom to a practical application is the most important thing to take away from college."

- Kevin Knarr

Aerospace Engineering, Mechatronics Engineer

"Baja will give you teamwork, design, and manufacturing experience that you can use on the job. Even better, you can draw from SAE experience to respond to interview questions."

- Andrew Seetoo

Aerospace Engineering, Stress Analyst

"Keep your grades up. You can only do SAE if you are a student first. For competition, GET TESTING ASAP! Build something and getting it running, the best designs mean nothing if they have never been tested!"

- Vincent Calderon

Automotive Intake Design, Engineering Technician

How has SAE helped you in your career?

"TEAM WORK!! Communication, communication and communication! You'll be exposed to many different personalities in the workplace where you’ll agree or disagree with others. The key is to find the middle ground, learn to compromise (not all the time) to ensure you as an engineer are doing the best practice in the industry."

- James

Utilities, Senior Project Manager

"Baja SAE helped me because of the people I've met. I was hired almost immediately. It's hard out there and every one is looking for experience."

- Alejandro Contreras

Plant Engineering, Plant Engineering Supervisor

"It exposed me to mechanical subjects that I would not have otherwise been exposed to as an electrical engineering major."

- Mabel Luu

Aerospace Engineering, Quality Engineer

"Baja gave me the experience to impress my interviewers and helped me land my first job. On the job, I apply many of the software and engineering skills I learned during my SAE days. There are many SAE people in many different industries, and there is no better way to break the ice than to talk of past SAE exploits."

- Andrew Seetoo

Aerospace Engineering, Stress Analyst

Have you met any other SAE alumni in your career?

"Yes, I've met multiple SAE Alums from different schools, and I have worked closely with many as well."

- Oshin Hovannesian

Aerospace Engineering - System Testing, Lead Engineer