MIssion Statement

Mission Statement

In partnership with students and the wider Cal State LA community, the NSS Academic
Advisement Center fosters a supportive and validating learning environment where
advisors teach and empower students to develop, understand, and achieve their
educational goals.


With a student centered approach, the NSS Academic Advisement Center at Cal
State LA aspires to advance our level of innovation and collaboration in our
commitment to help students achieve their educational goals. We will continue to
develop professionally to achieve regional and national recognition for excellence.


Student Centered. We believe in putting students’ needs first by providing a holistic
approach and working together to develop a successful plan taking into account unique
needs, student strengths and career aspirations.

Culture of Collaboration. We work diligently to break down barriers to increase our
shared knowledge, develop partnerships, and increase communication to help students’
problem solve taking into account their specific concerns.

Integrity, Respect, and Cultural Competence. We strive to be self-aware,
open-minded, and proactive in our approach in helping each student feel welcomed and

Accessibility. We are dedicated to understanding and accommodating student need
by offering various opportunities through appointments and workshops to meet with a
professional advisor.

Efficiency. We use data and input from the campus community to inform decisions to
develop impactful, engaging, and innovative programs.

Professionalism. We are committed to professional interactions that encourage and
guide students to seek opportunities for rewarding experiences through internships,
volunteer work, graduate school and careers.


Develop students’ level of self-efficacy and advocacy to problem solve in their
educational, career, and personal pursuits, and beyond.

Promote an environment of trust to foster rapport and relationship building in our
interactions with students and campus partners.

Provide accurate and relevant information from our institution and the broader advising
field to inform our professional practice.

Evaluate advising programs and services to maintain accountability and continuously
improve the overall advising experience.