The Cal State LA Guardian Scholars Program creates a space within the University where participants may thrive through self-empowerment, engaged learning, and greater awareness and understanding of themselves. We provide advocacy, mentorship, and guidance that will contribute to a positive, rewarding, and successful college-going experience for foster youth.

What We Do

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We provide a wide-range of services to help students get the most out of their University experiences to earn their degree.

We provide pre-admission counseling through outreach and recruitment events in partnership with Los Angeles County, caregivers, service providers, and other community-based programs that support foster youth.

Comprehensive support services include:

  • Educational counseling and academic advisement
  • Financial aid guidance
  • Priority registration
  • Book grants
  • Transportation subsidies
  • On-campus housing support
  • Career exploration workshops

Los Angeles County Independent Living Program (ILP) coordination occurs on-site and remotely. This allows ILP-eligible students to access financial resources without missing classes to meet with a social worker.

A three-day Strengths Retreat in the San Bernardino mountains with Guardian Scholars programs from other CSU campuses and West Los Angeles College. Students experience workshops and activities that promote community, a sense of belonging and high self-efficacy.  

Become a Guardian Scholar

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Guardian Scholars accepts applications year-round. Current and new Cal State LA students can apply at any time.