Service Organizations

Various organizations provide services to people with disabilities.

The federal government has Social Security Administration (SSA), which provides SSI (Supplemental Security Income), and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) which provides the support for house purchases with people with disabilities. The federal and state governments provide Special Education , Medi-Cal, and Rehabilitation services (DOR). The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) of the state government provides services through the Regional Center and the California Children Services (CCS), providing medical therapy service to children with disabilities. The county government provides the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS), DPSS, and the ACCESS transportation service for people with disabilities. The city government provides transportation services and also operates the parks and recreation programs for people with disabilities.

There are also community organizations and non-profit organizations that provide various services for recreation and public welfare to people with disabilities.

All people with disabilities have the right to get a free and appropriate public education according to the IDEA and services from the regional center which is entitlement. However, people with disabilities and their families have to apply for all other programs because these services will be provided only to people who apply and meet the qualification of these services. It is not easy to utilize all available programs without information about these services.

From the early childhood, a child who is not yet diagnosed with disabilities should access appropriate assessment services and timely early intervention from public school and regional center. Through public school, children with disabilities need to access special education and the related services that will assist their learning. And before they leave the school system, they should have an effective transition services plan (ITP) so that they can have a prompt and smooth transition from school to adult services. They also should obtain information about all the services available in their local community through networking for a better well-being life in the future.


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