Individualized Family Service Plan



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The Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is a written document that outlines the early intervention services that a child will receive when s/he is eligible for early childhood special education services. In there is an IFSP, there should be a transition plan in place by the age of 3 when the child is placed in a public school system and if the child is eligible for special education with an IEP.

The IFSP is developed to provide assistance for families with a child with diagnosed disabilities or at-risk.

Early Childhood Special Education is provided by Regional centers or local public school districts. These organizations take the lead in disability diagnostic assessments and family support services to facilitate the child’s development. According to the IFSP, services include home-based service, center-based service, and a mixed service focusing on social skills and language development.


What is included in the IFSP?

  • Child’s present levels of functioning and need (physical, cognitive, communication, social/emotional, and adaptive development)
  •  Family information
  •  Expected results or outcomes
  • Specific early intervention services
  • Time and location of the services that will be provided for the child
  • The number of days or hours he/she will receive each service
  • Who is responsible for paying
  • Name of the service coordinator
  • Transition to another program if necessary

Who develops the IFSP?

  • The parent or parents of the child
  • Other family members if requested
  • An advocate for the child
  • Service Coordinator
  • A person responsible for conducting the evaluation
  • Persons who will be providing early intervention services