Write a Research Paper

Essential Details

Interaction Type People Time Stakes

✖ Learner-to-Learner


✖ Learner-to-Content


✖ With Others


✖ Synchronous

✖ Low-Stakes



Students write an expanded essay that analyzes a perspective, present an interpretation, evaluate a finding, or argue a point.

A Research Paper is not simply an informed summary, but does require a survey a field of knowledge or topic to find the most appropriate information.

Research Papers are expanded essays that can be broken down into smaller low-stakes assignments in a course. Here is an example:

  • Week 2: Assignment: Students submit a proposed research topic for review
  • Week 3: Discussion: Students share a topic, where they find their research, and their findings so far.
  • Week 5: Assignment: Students turn in an Annotated Bibliography
  • Week 9: Peer Review Assignment: Students submit Rough Draft
  • Week 12: Assignment: Students submit final revision (Signature Assignment)


Bloom's level

The level indicates this activity’s place within Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning (Cognitive Domain). Higher-levels contains lower-levels within it.

Level Action

★ Sixth

★ Create

Fifth Evaluate
Fourth Analyze
Third Apply
Second Understand
First Remember




  • Canvas Assignment

Teaching Goal

The one main teaching goal for your activity

Practice New Skills or Concepts