Thank you to all who attended this successful event!

The 18th Annual CSU Symposium on University Teaching was a huge success.  This year, Cal State L.A. had record-breaking attendance for this annual event, with 385 tickets sold.  Attendees came from 21 of the 23 CSU campuses, plus from14 additional colleges and universities.

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dr. rachel beattie portrait

Dr. Rachel Beattie

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Keynote: Productive Persistence: Tenacity + Good Strategies: A Practical Theory of Student Success

Dr. Rachel Beattie is the Director of Productive Persistence at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching in Stanford, California. Productive Persistence refers to the combination of tenacity and good strategies that is necessary to help more students successfully complete their academic goals.

Mary-Ann Winkelmes Dr. Mary-Ann Winkelmes

University of Nevada, Las Vegas 

Pre-Conference Keynote: Transparent Teaching and Learning Strategies that Enhance Students' Success

Mary-Ann Winkelmes is Coordinator of Instructional Development and Research and an Affiliate Scholar in the Department of History at the University Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), where her aim is to complement and promote teaching and learning initiatives, student success, faculty development and instructional research in all the University's academic units. 

What is Grit?

As educators we understand that students come to our universities with different talents and intellectual experiences. However, as researcher Carol Dweck observes, not all traditionally high-achieving students do well, and not all traditionally low-achieving students fail. 

For further reading on Grit, see Dweck, Walton and Cohen on Academic Tenacity

Dweck argues that it is the belief in one's ability to learn that actually enable students to persist in their studies. Angela Lee Duckworth, in her closely related work on 'grit' identifies non-academic skills such as long-term focus and persistence that determine graduation success. In other words, talent and intelligence alone do not determine success.


Yet, non-academic skills are often overlooked in teaching and learning. How do we motivate students to keep going? What can we do in and out of the classroom to foster in students a sense of hope and confidence in their ability to learn and grow?

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March 13 & 14, 2015 
Cal State L.A.

Join us at Cal State LA for a celebration and exploration of building character, persistence, mindset, and focus in the classroom.