MORE Programs Biomedical Seminar Series

MORE Programs SPRING 2021 Seminar Series

Fridays 2:00 PM ONLINE

Fridays (2:00-3:40 PM); Course Number 93192



Friday, August 27

Chem 4820 Overview and Course Expectations



Friday, September 3

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Caged Xanthones Targeting Mitochondrial NEET Proteins

Gary Arevalo, RISE MS to PhD Alum, PhD Candidate,
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UC San Diego

Friday, September 10

MORE Programs Retreat Panel

Current PhD Candidates



Friday, September 17

MORE Programs Virtual Research Retreat



Friday, September 24 

Design, Synthesis, and Application of Chemical Probes for in vivo Imaging of Disease Biomarkers

Professor Jeff Chan, Department of Chemistry, U. of Illinois - Urbana Champagne