Interview Skills

Strong interview skills are valuable when applying for a job. Your résumé and cover letter might get you through the door, but a good interview can advance you further in the selection process. The resources below can help you prepare for an interview.

Whether you are interviewing for an internship, a student job on campus, an entry-level position or graduate school, it's important to know about the interview standards and norms. We provide these resources to help you know what to expect.

General interview questions tend to be broad and assess your general knowledge, qualities and aspirations. We provide examples of general interview questions and how to answer them using the M.S.R. method.

Situational interview questions allow the interviewer to assess how you would handle a particular situation on the job. We provide examples of situational interview questions and how to answer them using the A.R.C. method.

Behavioral interview questions allow the interviewer to ask about your past experiences and hear examples that demonstrate your character and abilities. We provide examples of behavioral interview questions and how to answer them using the S.T.A.R. method.

The interviewer may have finished asking their questions, but it does not mean the interview assessment is finished. We provide examples of how to answer the closing question, "Do you have any questions for us?" and how to follow up after the interview.

Job Interview Practice

We provide a free online job interview practice system called Big Interview. This AI-feedback interview practice tool mimics a real-life interview, evaluates your answers and provides feedback for improvement. You can participate in the training courses provided to increase your confidence.

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Additional Support

Career advisors, students and campus mascot Eddie smile while at a booth outside the Career Center

Career advisors are available by individual appointment. We can help you develop your interview answers and provide strategies to show your best professional self in the interview. We also provide interview practice sessions where you come dressed in professional clothing and pratice in a formal setting. Schedule an appointment with a career advisor

We offer workshops throughout the year to help you build your skills in interviewing for professional internships and jobs. Sign up for workshops on the Career Center calendar

Employers host events where you can learn more about how to prepare for their interviews. Sign up for employer events using Cal State LA Handshake