Academic Senate Staff Senator Candidate - Siu Leung

Name: Siu Leung

Department: College of Business and Economics

Greetings all,

I am interested in serving as a Staff Senator, because I have a strong passion for service and helping our University be the ideal desired destination were individuals can go to push themselves to be better academically, professionally, and personally. My prior experiences on campus with the Office of Admissions and my current position as an Academic Advisor in the College of Business and Economics brings skills and valuable insights to both facets our institution. I can relate to the administrative side, the academic side, and even the student side and know of the challenges presented to each. I’ve also worked closely with our past associate dean during the quarter to semester conversion to help develop tools to make student transitions smoother. This also involved working with the department chairs to point out issues that may occur during the transition. I would like to be part of your team to help make our great University grow and flourish. Even if I don’t get selected, feel free to use me as a resource of experience and knowledge in any aspects of the university. I’ll be willing to help anyway I can. Thank you for your time and consideration.