Student Athletes

Priority Registration for Fall 2020


Priority Registration begins Monday, October 26. Here's how to prepare:

STEP ONE: Select your spring classes with the help of online tools and your major advisor.

  • Run your Degree Plan on your GET Student Center.
  • Make sure your Degree Plan is current and shows your recommended courses for Spring 2021.
  • If you have questions about your recommended major requirements or electives, book an appointment with an advisor in your major college.

STEP TWO: Create a potential schedule.

  • Generate possible schedules using Schedule Planner on your GET Student Center.
  • Choose your best schedule of classes.
  • Place classes in your Enrollment Shopping Cart.

STEP THREE: Get your schedule approved by your Student Athlete advisor.

  • Inform your Student Athlete advisor via email when your chosen classes are in your shopping cart in order to verify that your courses meet eligibility requirements and work with your practice, training, and competition schedule.
  • If we have questions or concerns, we will let you know!
  • If you have questions, book an advising appointment; we are reserving 30-minute appointment slots for you between October 12 and October 23. 

STEP FOUR: Register on October 26 or 27.

  • Check your GET Student Center for your registration appointment date and time.

Remember, except during Registration, Student Athletes always have a hold on their schedules to ensure their continued athletic eligibility. If you need to make schedule adjustments at any other time, speak with your Student Athlete advisor first!