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Welcome to the University Academic Advisement Center (UAAC)!

Our center provides advising for two primary groups of students:

  • Exploring Students, including both students starting their academic journey without a declared major and students trying to find a new direction; 
  • Student Athletes, including current undergraduate and graduate team members in need of scheduling assistance and other academic support.

In response to the suspension of face-to-face instruction at Cal State LA in for the 2020-2021 academic year, the UAAC is providing remote advising options. This will enable you to work with your advisor – on Zoom, by phone, or over email - to prepare for registration, to find and declare a major, and to stay on track for your degree goals without coming to campus.

Visit our Zoom drop in hours - 8 AM - 10 AM - during exam week and Winter Break 

Have a quick question or need help making an appontment? Stop by 

Ready to declare a premajor or major? Want to change to a new major?

Email us at [email protected], and we can connect you with the right advisor for you.

(Note: Transfer students are committed to their declared major at the time of their acceptance.)

How to Make an Appointment:

  1. Click the “Student Success Collaborative” button on the upper right - or go to
  2. Login with MyCalStateLA username and password
  3. Click blue "Get Assistance" icon
  4. Select type of appointment - "Advising"
  5. Select service category - "Academic Advising"
  6. Select appointment reason (e.g., "Class Schedule Assistance")
  7. Choose Location
    1. If you are a current Exploring Student or if you are a student with 0-60 earned units interested in changing majors, choose University Academic Advisement Center
    2.  If you are a current Student Athlete, choose University Academic Advising Center (Athletics)
    3.  If you have have a declared major and are not planning to change it, choose the appropriate college advising center for your major.
  8. Choose advisor (if no preference, leave blank)
  9. Select desired appointment time
  10. When you make an appointment, tell us if you prefer “Zoom” (with your preferred phone and email address) or “phone” (with your preferred phone) in the “Comments” box
  11. Click "Confirm Appointment"

If you need help making an appointment or if you are not sure where to go for help, email [email protected].

Please be sure to include your name, CIN, your phone number, and your specific question or concern so that we may best assist you!