Returning Student Advising FAQ

How can I find out what classes I need to complete for my major?

Once readmitted, you will be invited to a registration session, where advisors from your academic college will help you to take the next step on your journey to graduation. They will review any changes to major requirements and will assist you in registering for the appropriate classes.

As a returning student, can I change my major? 

All Cal State LA majors have Major-Specific Requirements for Admission that are focused on timely degree completion. Returning students are considered 'local' and may be offered admission to the new major if they meet both the admission requirements of the new major and Cal State LA's Timely Graduation policy. If you are changing your major, please review the Major-Specific Criteria webpage for your major's specific requirements.

I left Cal State LA as a premajor. Can I return as a premajor?

If you have earned less than 60 units and have not completed the required Major Specific Criteria (MSC) for your desired major, you may be readmitted to the pre-major. However, if you have more than 60 units, you no longer qualify for pre-major admission and must return to a declared major.

I left Cal State LA as an Exploring (Undeclared) student. Can I return as an Exploring student?

If you left Cal State LA as an Exploring student with less than 60 units, you may return as an Exploring student. 

I know I want to change my major, but I’m not sure what I want I want my new major to be. Can I return as an Exploring (Undeclared) student?

Students may not switch to Exploring (Undeclared) when they apply as returning students if they were previously in a premajor or major.

Can I meet with an academic advisor from my college before I re-apply?

Individual meetings with advisors are not available prior to readmission. However, we host regular information sessions where you will be able to meet with advisors and have your questions answered. To learn more about our next informaton session, email [email protected].