Meet the CAS Staff

Meet the Staff

Iris Aceves Iris Aceves is the Lead Coordinator of the Writing Wing of CAS and a proud Cal State LA alumna. She trains and provides overall support to both tutors and students. Iris believes CAS is important because  "peer tutors in CAS share college survival strategies. Imparting those strategies creates a welcoming community of peers that helps everyone become confident and independent scholars". A fun fact about Iris is that she was awarded the Outstanding Staff Award in 2017.

Meynard Ancheta Meynard Ventura Ancheta is the Lead Coordinator of the Tutorial Wing of CAS. Meynard works closely with tutors to cultivate their unique talents and promote intellectual curiosity. Meynard holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from Cal Poly Pomona and a Master of Arts in Education Foundations from Cal State LA. He believes CAS is important because "CAS is in a position to impact the success of every student on campus immensely and, by extension, the university as a whole. Meynard is an advocate of developing as many skills as possible". He is currently spending time in various combat sports, rock climbing, equitation, and archery. 

Elehna received her education at CSU Dominguez Hills. Elehna believes CAS is important because, "being a first-gen myself, I understand how important it is to have support throughout your college journey and the benefits of learning what you don't know you NEED to know that will help you succeed in your journey." A fun fact about Elehna is that she has a twin sister!

Hilda Basulto-Morales As Steve Jobs once said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”  I love to help and assist Cal State LA students! A fun fact about Hilda is that she makes friends everywhere I go, or my olfactory is on point! 

Sarmin Lancaster Sarmin Lancaster is the Administrative Support Coordinator in the Writing Wing of CAS. She believes CAS is important because "CAS  promotes growth for all students. Whether you are a novice writer or an experienced writer, CAS encourages and inspires all writers to be confident in who they are and how they write". A fun fact about Sarmin is that she enjoys traveling with her family to the Sequoias, hiking the trails, and cooking smores around the campfire. 

Alex is a first-generation student who first attended Santa Monica College and then completed his B.A. in sociology from Long Beach State.  Knowing he wanted to continue his education, he completed an M.A. also in sociology from Cal State LA. "The Center for Academic Success (CAS) is important because it is a resource that all students can use; CAS is for every student at Cal State LA." Alex enjoys hiking the trails around the LA area, especially in the early mornings.

Gabriela received her M.S in Counseling from Cal State LA. She believes CAS is important because "the center provides academic support to help all students during their college journey. CAS aims to provide academic services that empower all students throughout their college experience". A fun fact about Gabriela is that she hiked Angel's Landing at Zion National Park. Listed as one of the most dangerous hikes in the world. 

Reyna Torres Reyna Torres is an Administrative Support Coordinator for the Tutorial Wing of CAS. Reyna holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Cal State Los Angeles. She works with students every day to help promote a culture of excellence and academic growth. She believes CAS is important because "CAS allows students to grow and feel valued through peer tutoring and friendly clerical assistants."