Strategic Directions

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Strategic directions

To respond to the continuous change and increased engagement at Cal State LA, the University Library will embrace strategic risk-taking collaboration and diversity of thoughts as the path of innovation. Our four strategic Directions - discover, create, engage and transform - provide a set of goals that will inform our decision-making and guide the future direction of University library.

library mission - vision


Advance intellectual discovery, stimulate creativity, inspire learning and transform our diverse and engage communities by connecting people to knowledge, providing learner-centered spaces, and delivering innovative and responsive service.


The university library will be a transformative physical and digital center of intellectual exploration, knowledge creation, and scholarly and creative that will prepare students to be lifelong learners and information literate global citizens in an increasingly digital environment.










Advanced discovery and connect the Cal State LA community with knowledge by increasing the visibility, use, and relevance of library resources and services to support teaching, learning, research, and creative activities.

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  • Ensure that library and services are easy to find, access, and use.

  • Provide services and tools that are more easily discoverable - in the building and on the web.

  • Provide wayfinding tools to guide students, faculty, and visitors to the materials, spaces, and services they need.

  • Build an outreach and marketing program that effectively informs that campus community about library resources and services.

  • Develop a library-wide philosophy and strategy for creating a culture of great service and continuous improvement
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Position of the university library as a campus hub for knowledge creation and the development of innovative and strategic partnerships that support student success.



  • Develop a dynamic collection development, management, and assessment strategy to support the university's curricular and faculty research needs.

  • Leverage institution relationships and new tools to expand and improve resource sharing.

  • Introduce new services, specializations, and technologies to support creation engaged learning, research, exploration, and innovation.

  • Serve as a campus hub for collaborative learning, research, and scholarship across disciplinary boundaries.

  • Create and foster an organizational culture that is open to change and experimentation.
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Deepen scholarly engagement with the campus community through the development of learner-centered services, technologies, spaces, events, programs, and exhibits.



  • Explore new partnerships, tools, and services to facilitates the availability of affordable learning resources.

  • Expand student engagement with primary resources by increasing awareness through the faculty liaison program, exhibits, and presentations.

  • Enhance information literacy with a programmatic approach that fosters collaboration and utilizes new and emerging technologies.

  • Promote University and community engagement by providing additional spaces for group collaboration, exhibits, and events.

  • Ensure that services, technologies, spaces, and programming meet users' needs by adding user experience and assessment expertise to the library.
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Transform the library experience and the role of library professionals to advance research, digital scholarship, teaching, learning, and student success.

Strategic directions


  • Strengthen the library's capacity to digitize and preserve unique collection s so they may be more accessible.

  • Promote and preserve the intellectual output and research assets of the campus community.

  • Assume a leadership role in advancing open scholarship and research at University by supporting and promoting open access, open data, and open educational resources.

  • Explore collaborative opportunities and increase participation in University efforts to advance digital scholarship and research initiatives.

  • Transformation spaces into more flexible, comfortable welcoming and inclusive environments conducive to learning collaborating, study and reflection.

  • Participate in University-wide efforts to invest in upgrading and improving building and infrastructure.

  • Bolster the professional development of all library personnel to meet the demands of a new strategic initiative.

  • Align organizational structure with library and university directions and priorities.

  • Diversify funding sources to obtain resources needed to transform the library.
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our plan


Thanks to our strategic Direction, we have goals in place to guide our future. Our master plan details how we put those goals into action.


Library Progress


Progress has already begun on several places of the Master Plan, and we're excited to share more!