Since 1958, the University Library has served as the hub of knowledge for the Cal State LA campus and has housed the library’s staff and general collections while providing students a place to study. Today, it is a multi-faceted point of convergence that includes student study space, faculty offices, and much more. In 2018, the university began a process to re-envision the library as more than an information resource or study space. The library’s Master Plan will recast the library as a transformative catalyst for students that advances intellectual discovery, enhances learning, and fosters a strong, shared sense of community. Your support will be central to our realization of the Master Plan.

The Dean, Juan Carlos Rodriguez


The University Library is an interactive space. It is a place where people connect and engage; where students, faculty, staff, and local researchers gather to access knowledge, technologies, and services of intellectual discovery. So why do the library's buildings need to change? Our goal is to renovate our physical structures to best meet the changing needs of the Cal State LA community and to position the Library as a digitally-savvy active learning hub. We will be consolidating collections, integrating computing services, expanding shared learning commons and customizable spaces, and emphasizing a community-gathering environment.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Dean, University Library

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Vision for the Future Library

Our mission is to conceive a multi-faceted and stimulating student experience that unifies both academics and community. Learn about our history, strategic planning, and how we envision the University Library helping our campus community discover, create, engage, and transform.

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As more than a study space, the library beats as the heart of the campus where students can meet in groups and lounge between classes. Get updates here on our progress in and out of the physical environment.

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