Don't Pollute! Change the Way You Commute

The Commuter Services Office provides faculty, staff and students with an extensive Rideshare Program. The following programs are available to assist you in your commute to Cal State L.A.

Buy your U-Pass starting  Mon. Nov. 28th! Cal State LA Students can get around for less with U-Pass.

U-Pass Program

The Metro U-Pass is a reduced-fare transit pass, offering college students unlimited rides on any Metro system in LA County that accepts TAP, including all local Metro buses, Metro Rapid, Metro Liner, and Metro rail services, including Zone 1. 

The Metro U-Pass is valid for Spring semester from January 17 to May 26, 2017, a total of 19 weeks.  The U-Pass is offered to Cal State LA students at a discounted price of $95.  The price for a student Metro pass for the same period is $215. The new U-Pass is subsidized by Metro, Associated Students and Parking & Transportation Services. 


Sales for the Spring 2017 U-Pass begin November 28, 2017 and will be sold until January 27, 2017 or while supplies last!


How Is This Different Than a TAP Card?

A sticker featuring smart-chip technology is placed on your Golden Eagle card.  Your Golden Eagle card becomes your U-Pass and works just like a TAP card; just tap on the target each time you board a bus or train.

Eligibility Requirements 

Cal State LA undergraduate students enrolled in 8 or more units, or graduate students enrolled in 6 or more units are eligible to purchase a Metro U-Pass. You must have a Cal State LA Golden Eagle ID card.

How To Apply

  1. Click on the Metro registration survey link https://lametro.formstack.com/forms/upass_csula and complete the required survey.
  1. Bring your Cal State LA Golden Eagle card and proof of survey completion to the Parking & Transportation Service Center located in Lot 3 during business hours (Mon-Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm).
  1. Come prepared to pay $95 for your Spring U-Pass.



Cal State LA Students can pre-purchase a U-Pass starting Monday, November 28th at the P&T Center.  A U-Pass sticker will be affixed to your Cal State LA student ID card but will not be active until spring semester, January 17, 2017.

Note: Semester U-Pass is valid from January 17to May 26. Purchase is final – no refunds.  Students must meet the eligibility requirements at time of purchase.  Must have Cal State LA ID when purchasing a U-Pass.  Students cannot possess a Cal State LA Semester parking permit and a valid U-Pass concurrently.


For more information contact Commuter Services via email or call (323) 343-5277.

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