Housing Resident Parking

Residential parking is limited at Cal State LA.  Construction for a new parking structure is underway with an opening target date by Fall 2019.  We appreciate your patience and understanding during this parking shortage.

First-Time Freshmen

First-time freshmen who live in on-campus housing, are prohibited from purchasing a residential parking pass, which means that you will not be allowed to park on campus overnight. The surrounding city streets require a city permit by the property owners therefore we ask that you comply with this policy and not attempt to park your vehicle within the city boundaries. Information on sustainable commuting programs such as Zip Car (an on-campus self-service rental car) and U-Pass (a semester Metro transit pass) are available by visiting the Transportation Services Page or by calling (323) 343-5277.

Freshmen can apply for an exemption to this policy if they demonstrate a compelling need or exceptional hardship by not being able to purchase an overnight parking pass for on-campus housing.  To request an exemption, complete the Exemption Request Form online.  Remember appropriate justification is required for approval and approval must be obtained prior to purchasing a Resident Permit.

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

Housing Resident Summer Session permits can be purchased at the Transportation Service Center.  The permit will be mailed to the address you provide on the application. 

Please review the parking rules and regulations prior to purchasing your permit and parking on campus.


Valid Dates


Fall 2019

8/1/199 - 1/16/20


Spring 2020

1/17/20 - 5/23/20



Other Commuting Alternatives

The Transportation Services Office provides faculty, staff and students with an extensive Rideshare Program. We offer many programs to assist you in your commute to and from Cal State LA.  Please visit our Transportation Services Page for more information on our programs. 


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