Bachelor's in Social Work


The BASW program has impacted status, which means that there are requirements to enter the major beyond the requirements to enter the University. These requirements differ according to the year of admission. Students are held to the requirements that apply at the year of admission.  

BASW Program
The Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work (BASW) enables students to explore and develop values, knowledge and generalist skills essential to the practice of social work in a multiethnic environment. The degree prepares students for entry level positions in social work and for advanced study in graduate schools of social work or related human services. The BASW degree is designed to be completed in two years of upper division course work. Courses are offered during the day and in the evening. A total of 180 quarter units is required for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work (BASW).  This includes a minimum of 86-87 units for the Social Work major. The program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education

Students who complete the B.A. degree in Social Work have numerous opportunities for professional advancement in child welfare, mental health services to the elderly and in other health-related positions (

*SW 495 Directed Fieldwork - Internship Requirements
To be eligible to start fieldwork, the  asterisked *courses must be completed and students must have completed 135 units by the end of Spring before entering field in the Fall. In the student’s senior year, completion of 420 hours of internship (SW495) in a social service agency is required; this generally means two full days (14 hours) per week.  Students are also required to be concurrently enrolled in SW 496, Integrative Seminar, which meets every other Wednesday morning. Students must attend the required fieldwork meeting in Winter Quarter before beginning field internship in fallno exceptions! Internships begin in Fall quarter only and continue for three consecutive quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring of senior year). Please note that criminal background checks are required by certain social service agencies for field internship. Details regarding criminal background checks and field internship can be found in the current BASW Fieldwork Manual.

Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE) UNIV 400
Students must pass the WPE in order to enroll in SW 301, a course that must be completed by the end of Spring Quarter before starting Field Internship in Fall Quarter of Senior Year.  For information call the testing center (323) 343-3160. The schedule of classes lists dates and times for the examination under UNIV 400. A writing workshop is also available through the University Writing Center on campus: (323) 343-5350.

General Education Requirements (72 units)
Every California State University, Los Angeles undergraduate social work major must complete 72 units in General Education.  Consult the schedule of classes for G.E. requirements, and confer with your advisor.  All students, including transfer students, are required to complete 12 units in an Upper Division Theme.  Please review the themes listed in the schedule of classes.  Choose one theme and take 3 classes from that theme, 1 class from each category: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences & Humanities. (You cannot count a class from your major as a theme class).

Note:  These requirements remain in effect only if the student maintains continuous attendance.  If, for any reason, the student drops out of school for more than two consecutive quarters, including summers, the student must apply for and be granted an official leave of absence.  Otherwise, he or she will be responsible for requirements in effect at the time of return.