Adding Video to Canvas

There are various ways that video content can be added in Canvas. Below are popular options. With any option, it is highly recommend that closed caption is available in any video posted in Canvas in order to meet accessibility requirements.

If you are linking to online videos within Canvas, please ensure that links to these videos are working properly prior to the beginning of your teaching assignment.

Embedding a Share Video to Canvas

Most online videos have a "Share" option that will allow for the video to either be embedded or linked to. This option is available when a "Share" label or "Arrow" icon is displayed on the video. Embed code will be available to copy and paste into a Canvas Page using the HTML editor option of the Rich Content Editor (RCE).

How do I embed a video to a Canvas Page?

Embedding a Youtube Video

A Youtube video can be embeded into any Canvas feature that has the Rich Content Editor (RCE) available. Copying and pasting the Youtube video "Share" link into the RCE and pressing the Enter key (PC) or Return key (Mac) will embed the video.

How do I embed a youtube video

Adding a Video File

A compress video file can be added into any Canvas feature that has the Rich Content Editor (RCE) available, though we high recommend that the file is not large in size. Canvas supports several video formats that can be added. It is highly recommended that closed captions are added to the video file.

How can I upload video file

Using Studio to Embed Video

Video files can be uploaded to Studio. Studio is a video and audio repository that allows for student and faculty collaboration. Studio has a video captioning feature that can easily add captions to your video. An Studio video can be embedded into any Canvas feature that has the Rich Content Editor (RCE) available once captioning has been added.

How do I upload captions to media in Studio

How do I add content to Studio

How do I enable automatic captions in Studio

Adding Closed Captioning to Video

It is extremely import that closed caption is included in any video added to your Canvas course. Adding closed caption to videos meets accessibility requirements. A subtitle transcript of the video can easily be uploaded to a video file.

How do I upload a transcript to add captions to video file