CBE Department Chairs and Faculty Advisors

Department Chairs and Faculty Advisors are available to assist with the following:

  • Substitution Requests (after consulting with a CBE advisor)
  • Career Advisement
  • Advisement on Graduate School Options and Programs

Who is eligible to meet with Department Chairs and Faculty Advisors?

  • All business students are encouraged to meet with a Department Chair or a Faculty in their option to discuss their post‐graduate plans

How can I contact Department Chairs and Faculty Advisors?

To schedule an appointment with Department Chairs, click here or contact CBE Staff Support Center at (323) 343-5256.



Department Chair: Dr. James, Marianne | STF 508 | mjames2@calstatela.edu | Ext. 3-2868

CPA Exam Advisement: Dr. Hansen, Kathryn | STF 506 | khansen3@calstatela.edu | Ext. 3-2837

Accounting (Graduate): Dr. Elias, Rafik | ST F511 | relias@calstatela.edu | EXT. 3‐2850

Information Systems

Department Chair: Dr. Otto, Joseph | STF 601 | jotto@exchange.calstatela.edu | EXT. 3‐2907

Economics & Statistics

Department Chair: Dr. Mohanty, Madhu | ST F901 in ST F917 | mmohant@calstatela.edu | EXT. 3‐2932

Finance, Law & Real Estate

Department Chair: Dr. Refalo, James | ST F716 in ST F717 | jrefalo@calstatela.edu | EXT. 3‐6193

Real Estate: Dr. Lee, Daniel | ST F714 | dlee2@calstatela.edu | EXT. 3‐6191


Department Chair: Dr. Kwong, Kern | ST 701 in ST F717 | kkwong2@calstatela.edu | EXT. 3‐2899


Department Chair: Dr. Jackson, Tye | ST F916 in ST F917 | tjackso4@calstatela.edu | EXT. 3‐5256