CBE Advisement Center

Salazar Hall 256B
Phone (323) 343-2810

Mission Statement:

The College of Business and Economics (CBE) Advisement Center is committed to providing students with accurate, up-to-date information on CBE and University requirements and to empower students to become active participants in determining their own success at the university as an engaged student, active learner, self advocate, and to support their timely progress toward graduation. In addition, the CBE Advisement Center supports faculty and staff with training and consultation on topics such as using GET; advising practices; GE and University and CBE requirements, policies, procedures, and the techniques, skills and attitudes to help students achieve their full potential.

We Serve:

1. Students with the processing of Graduation Check documents
2. Development of academic plan
3. Course substitution
4. Information on university and CBE policies & procedures
5. Assistance with elective course selection
6. Assistance with general education course selection
7. Transfer credit advisement