BE Minors

Minor in Accounting

Loading...:The Minor in Accounting prepares skills in either Public Accounting, serving clients professionally in the areas of financial accounting, cost accounting, auditing, taxes and systems; or Managerial Accounting, dealing with the functions of the controller in a business firm, or an institutional or governmental agency; or internal auditing.

Minor in Economics

Loading...:The Minor in Economics develops skills applicable to such areas as finance, labor, transportation, international trade and banking.

Minor in Finance

Loading...: The Minor in Finance develops skills in corporate finance, money management, investment banking, commercial banking, and insurance.

Minor in Real Estate

Loading...: This program prepares non-Real Estate majors for a variety of real estate careers, including sales, investment, management, and mortgage banking. It meets the course requirements for the California Real Estate Salesperson Exam.

Minor in Computer Information Systems

Loading...: The purpose of the minor in Computer Information Systems is to provide students majoring in business and other disciplines the opportunity to develop skills needed to apply computer information systems to their major field of study.

Minor in Entrepreneurship

Loading...: The Minor in Entrepreneurship prepares students from any discipline to create, develop and effectively operate new ventures.

Minor in Management

Loading...:The Minor in Management develops competence in management and supervisory processes used by executives, supervisors, and comparable administrative officers in industry, finance, government, and labor.

Minor in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Loading...: OSCM refers to what an organization does to create value. This might involve delivering a service or manufacturing a product.  OSCM addresses the management of this value-creation process. Strategic issues include process and technology selection, facility and service design, supply chain, capacity, quality, inventory, and work force management.

Minor in Marketing

Loading...: The Minor in Marketing provides the opportunity for students enrolled in other B.S.B.A. options or other degree programs to improve their employment prospects, enhance their understanding of consumer behavior and marketing, and/or improve their ability to successfully market a business or non-profit organization of their own.

Minor in Entertainment Marketing

Loading...: will provide the opportunity for students enrolled in other B.S.B.A. options or other degree programs to improve their employment prospects, enhance their understanding of retailing and consumer behavior, and/or improve their ability to successfully operate a brick-and-mortar or online retail business or non-profit organization.

Minor in Retailing

Loading...: The Department of Marketing, in cooperation with the Television, Film and Media studies offers an undergraduate minor program in Entertainment Marketing. The Entertainment Marketing minor program prepares any majors for a variety of entertainment careers.

Minor in Social Media

Loading...: The Minor in Social Media is designed to prepare business students and students in other academic disciplines with the knowledge to develop social media marketing strategies and to engage customers through the application of social media.

Minor in Sustainability Marketing

Loading...: The Minor in Sustainability Marketing will provide the opportunity for students enrolled in B.S.B.A. options other than the marketing option or other degree programs to:

(1)    broaden their understanding of mounting environmental and social issues that impact our local and global communities;
(2)    transform the design, marketing, and consumption of products and services within an interdisciplinary framework of environmental and social sustainability;
(3)    enhance their employment portfolio to appeal to the increasing number of public and private employers seeking college graduates with a deeper understanding of the human impact of environmental issues.

Minor in Basic Business

Loading...: The purpose of the minor in Basic Business is to provide a structured program for students majoring in academic degree programs outside the College of Business and Economics who wish to augment their major with basic knowledge in business and economics.