Master of Arts Degree in Education Option in Creative Literacies and Literature

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MA In creative Literacies and Literature

Program Application

The Creative Literacies and Literature is an innovative MA program to encourage visual and performing arts across the curriculum. It is the only program that has an interdisciplinary approach and gives students the ability to combine their individual background with innovative teaching methods. The coursework and final projects in this Masters program are specifically designed to provide educators with creative strategies and skills that they can use to motivate all children. Specific hands-on skills such as storytelling, educational drama, children’s literature and other performing strategies are taught along with core courses in research and inquiry based instruction in a constructivist environment. Students are encouraged to choose the thesis/project option as a culmination of their program so that they get the opportunity to apply their skills in real classroom and community situations.
An MA in Education with a Creative Literacies and Literature option can support educators in their work in the following ways:

  • Teachers incorporating innovative curriculum
  • Provide Aesthetic Leadership across the curriculum in public and private schools
  • Support Literacy activities in community institutions such as parks, libraries and neighborhood centers

Program Outcomes:

  1. Enhance capacity to assume leadership in schools by promoting skills and knowledge inherent in visual and performing arts.
  2. Promote literacy activities in neighborhood and community institutions such as libraries, parks and other groups through visual and performing arts. 
  3. Demonstrate educational research in the fields of children’s literature, story and drama related to educational development across the curriculum.
  4. Increase understanding and appreciation of multicultural, multilingual and diverse literatures.
  5. Demonstrate new or renewed understanding of the curricular, pedagogical and research issues associated with the teaching of creative literacies and literature as applied across the curriculum.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of educational research in the fields of story, educational drama and children’s literature.
  7. Increase understanding and appreciation of multicultural, multilingual & diverse literatures and literacies and demonstrate their uses across the curriculum. 

Student Voices:
“I am a published author and an LAUSD teacher. I specialize in teaching urban gifted students, and so far, I have been able to incorporate a great percentage of what I have learned in the classes that I have taken in the Creative Literature and Literacies program into my classroom with major success.”
“Throughout my time at this program, I have been gratified to find that each course in the program upheld the common thread of striving to reach students from all walks of life in order to pass on a love of reading.”