Certificate in Teaching Learners with Special Needs in General Education Classrooms

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Program Application

     This Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Teaching Learners with Special Needs in General Education Classrooms is designed to meet the needs of elementary and baccalaureate eachers who seek to improve their skills in working more effectively with students with disabilities. The certificate, a subset of the courses in the Education Specialist Instruction Program in the Division of Special Education and Counseling, is designed for those general educators who already hold multiple or single subject credentials and may already be serving students with special needs in their classrooms. The certificate builds general educators’ knowledge in the assessment of exceptional individuals, behavior interventions and positive behavior support for children with disabilities, adaptation of general education curriculum and accommodations/modifications for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), and collaboration with pecial educators to more effectively meet the needs of students with special needs. Those enrolled in this certificate will also have an opportunity to choose an elective course that is most relevant to the characteristics of students with disabilities that are being included in their general education classrooms. This certificate requires a minimum of 16 units

Admission Requirements: 

  • Admission to CSULA graduate degree program. For the application to the University, please call (323) 343-3901. 
  • Submit an application to the certificate program coordinator for admission to the program. 
  • Students must hold a preliminary or clear multiple or single subject credential. 
  • Students must complete EDSP 400 or its equivalent.