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Virtual Drag Bingo - Assessment

The Center for Student Involvement measured participation in Virtual Drag Bingo, a program open to all currently-enrolled students.

How did this program connect to the social justice domain?

Virtual Drag Bingo in neon lights.

This programs creates awareness and highlights a marginalized population, LGBTQIA+.  The event builds community among community members and allies and how to support the LGBTQIA+ community.


A person looking off to the side. Hosted by Monique Heart

Feedback collected  from approximately 30 students participants shows:

  • Our students have yearned for connection.
  • This event helped them connect with LGBTQIA+ individuals, community and other Cal State LA students.
  • Virtual programs are an untapped avenue for potential engagement opportunities.

Next Steps

  • Offer more LGBTQIA+ programming on campus.  This includes viewing LGBTQIA+ issues and accomplishments through multiples lenses such as leadership, social justice, career development, research, advocacy, health, service learning, etc. 
  • Reach out to local LGBTQIA+ organizations and advocates beyond campus to develop intentional content for programs and experiences for students. 
  • While this is great for programming, the University should also be invested in working with the LGBTQIA+ community for these types of programs through contracts, projects, and consultation with LGBTQIA+ individuals.