Student Organization Recognition Checklist

Maintaining/Gaining University Recognition

Returning student organizations (who were recognized last academic year) and new student organizations (who were not recognized last year for up to the past three academic years) should follow this checklist to make sure that your organization maintains/gains its University recognition during the 2021-2022 academic year during the Returning Club Recognition Periods: 

Returning/New Club Open Recognition Periods for 2021-2022

August 17, 2021 - September 17, 2021

January 14 - February 14, 2022

Fall 2021 

  • ​​Step 1: The President and Treasurer from each organization must attend the virtual  Organization Development Course (ODC) available through the Presence platform by September 17, 5 pm: 

    • ODC will be available on Presence starting August 17, 2021, at 5 pm.   
    • Completion of the entire course is required by September 17 at 5 pm for recognition to be conferred
    • Step 2: Submit all Student Organization Registration Forms by 5 pm, September 17, 2021:

    • Step 2A: Complete Transition (for returning recognized organizations) or submit a new Student Organization Registration Form (for new/unrecognized organizations)
      • All recognized returning student organizations (student organizations who completed the Summer 2021 transition and have a current active page on Presence) must complete Transition instead of submitting a new Student Organization Registration Form.  By completing Transition, you will be able to update officer information, advisor(s), and make changes on your Student Organization Registration Form. This Transition should be completed by the organization’s president. 
      • Transition will allow your current organization page on Presence to transition for the Fall Semester.  This will eliminate duplicate student organization pages on Presence.  
      • New student organizations (who were not recognized last year/summer and have not been recognized for up the three academic years) must submit a new Organization Registration Form.
      • All officers listed on the Student Organization Officer Roster must be currently enrolled or continuing California State University, Los Angeles students, in good standing (2.00 GPA or higher).  
    • ​Step 2B: Upload Constitution

      • ​For Fall 2021, ALL RETURNING RECOGNIZED must upload their constitution through Transition.  When you are completing the transition, you will be asked to upload your most current constitution.
      • For Fall 2021, ALL NEW STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS must upload their constitution through the Organization Registration Form.
      • All constitutions and bylaws must meet University and CSU requirements and must include required text verbatim as seen on the submission form.
      • Nationally affiliated organizations must also provide their parent-affiliate organization's bylaws.
      • If you need to request a copy of your Constitution, please fill out this request form. 
    • Step 2C: Student Organization Officer & Advisor Acknowledgement Form 

      • ​All five officers and student organization advisor(s) must review, acknowledge all policies and procedures it contains, and submit this form individually.
      • This form can only be completed once you have submitted the Organization Registration Form/Completed Transition. 

    Spring 2022 

  • ​​Step 1: The President and Treasurer from each organization must attend the virtual  Organization Development Course (ODC) available through the Presence platform by February 14, 2022, 6 pm:

    • ODC will be available on Presence starting January 14, 2022.   
    • Completion of the entire course is required by February 14 at 6 pm for recognition to be conferred.
    • Presidents and Treasurers cannot represent more than one organization at a time and must share all information received for all organizations they're representing.
  • ​​​Step 2: Regularly update any changes to the student organization's information through the Presence platform

  • Step 3: Complete Student Organization Transition in preparation for the next academic year:

    • Information on how to transition your organization will be provided through the Spring ODC modules.


  • Submit a completed or updated  Student Organization Account Application  for organizations that bank through the University-Student Union Club Banking system. 
  • If your organization plans on requesting an exemption from the Student Organization Account requirement, it must submit a  Student  Organizations  Funds  Administration  Request  for  Exception . 
  • Follow all policies and procedures as provided in the Student Organization Handbook
  • Submit any revision of the name, constitution, and by-laws, or new officers of your organization to the Organization Registration Form. All revisions and changes must be made in accordance with the procedures prescribed within your existing constitution and by-laws. 
  • In accordance with  this Interim CSU Policy,  Cal State LA fraternities and sororities seeking or maintaining university recognition will be required to send 100% of their members to attend a Sexual Violence Prevention & Resources Training (SVPT) during the academic year. Non-Greek clubs and organizations will be required to send at least two (2) members to SVPT prior to registering and holding authorized events with alcohol or at venues where is alcohol is served.  For more information on the dates and to RSVP please contact the Senior Student Development Coordinator. 

For more information on general recognition requirements for returning organizations, please  contact the Senior Student Development Coordinator.  For more information on additional Fraternity and Sorority recognition please contact the Fraternity & Sorority Life Coordinator.  

Once all the required information listed above has been submitted to the CSI, it will be reviewed for accuracy and completeness. New organizations will be notified within approximately fifteen (15) school days regarding University recognition.