Emergency Grant Assessment

The Emergency Grant provides up to $500 per semester to students who are in financial crisis as a result of serious, unexpected circumstances beyond their control that are impacting their ability to be successful in school.

How does this program connect with social justice?

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The overwhelming majority of these grants went to students whose personal and family financial situations are already challenging (for example, with a FAFSA Expected Family Contribution of 0), and who do not have the financial surplus to weather an unexpected financial crisis. These emergency grants have been one practical step toward helping students from struggling economic backgrounds to successfully complete their degrees.


Emergency Grant Distribution: Spring 2020, Fall, 2020, Spring 2021

Table: Amount distributed through CARES Act and HEERF funds, as well has non CARES Act or HEERF.

Funding Source Amount Students
CARES Act, HEERF II $1.28 million 2,577
LA CARES, donations, campus partners $343,277 739


Emergency Grant Distribution: Fall 2021

Table: HEERF III funds distributed in Fall 2021 at the time of assessment report submission.

Source Amount Students
HEERF III $97,000 194

Available funding for 1,600 more emergency grants at $500 each.

*These figures represent the number of funds distributed and funds remaining at the time of this assessment report submission.


Next Steps

  • Provide greater access to emergency grant aid to undocumented and international students. 
  • Work more closely with the Glazer Family Dreamers Resource Center to provide emergency grants to undocumented students.
  • Work with Institutional Effectiveness to receive and analyze retention and graduation data for emergency grant recipients.