Cross Cultural Centers

Learning Outcome 1: Leadership for Social Justice Program

As a result of participating in the Cross Cultural Centers 101: Leadership for Social Justice program, scholars will:

  • Be able to engage in critical social justice dialogue across differences.
  • Be more connected / engaged with campus resources inclusive of programs, faculty, staff, and departments.
  • Be able to understand and define key concepts pertaining to social justice.

Assessment Measures
The outcomes will be assessed with 2 methods:

  • Quantitative evaluation: pre and post surveys will measure awareness of terminology and campus resources.
  • Qualitative focus groups will be held with the Fall 2018 cohort to discuss their holistic experience in the program.

Assessment Data Collection Plan

  • Pre-questionnaire/survey given at the first session. (September 7, 2018)
  • Post-questionnaire/survey conducted on the last session. (November 9, 2018)
  • Journal reflections conducted after each session.
  • Focus groups with Fall 2018 cohort held with Coordinator at the beginning of spring semester 2019.

Analysis of Results
Resulting data from this program will be analyzed to understand what scholars learned and experienced during the 8-week program.

Use of Results
The findings will be shared with the full time staff of the Cross Cultural Centers and the Student Life Assessment Council. The findings will aid in the advancement of the Cross Cultural Centers 101: Leadership for Social Justice program. The findings will help determine how the CCC can enhance its mission to the campus.

Student Life Domains: Social Justice; Personal, Social and Professional Identity Development
Institutional Strategic Priority:  Student Success; Welcoming and Inclusive Campus; Academic Distinction
Institutional Learning Outcome: Urban and Global Mission; Integrative Learning; Intellectual Skills