CCC – Assessment

A group of people waving flags, one person wears a t-shirt with a rainbow pattern, a couple of people waive flags with rainbows.

The Cross Cultural Centers (CCC) engaged students through a LGBTQIA+ Focus Group on March 17, 2021 in order to understand the current needs of the specific student population.

How does this program connect with social justice?

Respecting Pronouns

By hosting the LGBTQIA+ Focus Group, the CCC's hope to was develop skills, programming and awareness that directly affect the identity and culture of our LGBTQIA+ identified students. This will help to transform the institution's practices and policies in order to be more inclusive.

Learning Outcomes

Wooden tiles displaying the pronouns Him, Her and They

The data collected allowed the Cross Cultural Centers to think more about the importance of language inclusivity and where we need to do more work or follow up.There is a need to understand a policy that the Academic Senate passed in order to operationalize it with programs, services and support of pronouns.

Next Steps

Student Engagement

  • Reactive TransQueer Connection student organization by supporting the student leadership.
  • Continue to create a sense of community in the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC).
  • Create opportunities for intersectional Queer dialogue.

Academic Affairs

  • Develop more partnerships with Academic Affairs, establishing programming centering LGBTQIA+ student experiences.
  • Grow our listserv, access, marketing efforts to college deans and professors in order to create relationships.


  • Develop on-going training and learning for our faculty/staff and student leaders on campus, a three-part training series that will address some of the concerns and more.
  • Review our pronouns campaign with the U-SU and continue to expand awareness in different areas of campus through our student life partners.


  • Hired a full-time coordinator in July 2021 to support student staff, student leaders and engage in campus intersectional initiatives.
  • Will work to update our GSRC website, as current content is outdated.
  • Will create a campaign around pronouns through the U-SU Marketing as well as CCC social media platforms.
  • Will provide gender affirming supplies and resources.


  • Will create Trans visibility in the center aesthetics, working with Trans students
  • Will work to connect with marketing efforts of the CCC to create more virtual visibility of the physical space.