Cal State LA Student Organization Banking

Student Organization Banking

Any and all bank accounts for recognized student organizations must bank through the University-Student Union (U-SU) process as required by CSU Administrative Policy 3141.01 and the Cal State LA Student Organization Funds Administration Policy. As of June 2017, student organizations without approved exemptions should have transferred funds into the U-SU account and closed any external banking account. Failure to comply with these policies can ultimately affect your student organization’s recognition at Cal State LA.  For more information on this policy please contact the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) at 323-343-5110. 

Student organizations must be recognized prior to setting up or updating their organization account information. 

  • Identify the individuals who will be authorized signors on the organization's account 
  • Required signatures include: Advisor(s), president, treasurer, and other authorized signors that your organization chooses 
  • Identify the most appropriate form based on the signors for your organization on the CSI Forms page.
  • Each individual will receive the form electronically for review and signature. Once processed by all parties (student org, CSI, and U-SU business office), all signers will receive a complete student organization account form. 
  • Please note that there is no cost associated with creating and utilizing this university account. 

During each annual recognition period or during a change of officers, the organization must update its roster on Presence and submit a new Student Organization Account form to update the users who may access the account.  

Any exemptions to this requirement [e.g., nationally affiliated organizations or local organizations with a separate 501(c)(3) status] must be approved by the campus CFO or designee.   

If you organization needs to apply for this exception it should complete the “Club Banking Exemption Request Form” found on the CSI Forms website. 

To qualify for an exemption organizations must have separate legal status granted by the state/federal government and maintain a bank account external to the University and must submit the exemption request form with ONE of the supporting documents listed below: 

  • Copy of Article of Incorporation; or 
  • Copy of IRS letter of exemption; or 
  • Copy of Corporate Tax return (IRS form 990) 

All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will be forwarded to University Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer for review and decision.  

Only organizations will approved exemptions may bank with external entities including the Cal State LA Federal Credit Union or other banking institutions. All non-exempt organizations must bank through the University Student Union.