Cal State LA Student Organization Account Check Requisition & Deposit Procedures

Check Requisition & Deposit Procedures

After your organization has setup its Cal State LA Student Organization Account, it can begin requesting checks and submitting deposits at the University-Student Union Business Office in Room 306.  The following procedures will make use of the following forms:

Detailed instructions on how to use these forms are found in following sections.  For more information or any questions you might have regarding using your student organization account, please contact the University-Student Union Business Office at 323-343-2450 or visit U-SU Room 306.

Cal State LA Student Organization Account Check Requisition Procedures 

  1. Fill in your Organization Name and Date.
  2. Fill in the Payable to section with the full name, address, and telephone number of the person/organization you are paying.
  3. Select whether you want to Mail the Check or Pickup the Check when it’s been cut.
  4. Select the Type of Expense from the following options:
    1. Payment with Invoice
    2. Reimbursement with Original Receipts
    3. Other
  5. Fill in the Fund section with your Student Organization account number (ex. BC0xx or BE0xx).
  6. The Budget Year should be the same year as Fall semester of each school year.
  7. Fill in the Amount and make sure the box corresponds to the correct expense account.
  8. Calculate and fill in the Total Amount Requested.
  9. Fill out the Purpose of Request.
  10. Attach appropriate supporting documentation which can include:
    1. Copy of student organization event registration form for event
    2. Original sales receipt 
      1. Original receipts must be taped onto 8.5” x 11” blank paper
    3. A flier, if it is for an event
    4. Copy of a sign-in sheet for the event (if applicable)
    5. A Completed W-9 Form if it is a new vendor you will be paying for the first time
    6. The original invoice.
      1. If it is a copy, state, “This Invoice Copy Serves as an Original Invoice”, justify why you don’t have the original, initial and date.
    7. For missing documentation, you will need to provide a memo signed by your student organization advisor stating why the supporting document was not available
  11. Both the organization president and treasurer must sign and date the Check Requisition (Signatures must match the signature form on file in U-SU 306).
    1. Your advisor’s signature is required if the reimbursement is for the president or the treasurer. 
    2. The individual to whom the check is being made out to may not sign the same check requisition.

  1. Checks are cut every Tuesday and Thursday.
  2. It will take University accounting about 10 business days to process and issue a check.
  3. New Vendors (first time payee) ALWAYS require a completed W-9 Form. 
  4. Please take this processing timeline into account when submitting your organization’s check requisitions.

Cal State LA Student Organization Account Deposit Instructions 

  1. Fill in your organization name and your Student Organization Account number.
  2. Describe the type of deposit(s) in the description section.
  3. Fill in depositor name and phone number.
    1. Can be any member listed as authorized signer.
  4. Choose which Revenue Account that best describes your deposit:
    1. 503860: Donations (tax deductible)
    2. 503867: ASI Award
    3. 580090: Operating Revenue (proceeds to benefit)
    4. 580922: Membership Dues
  5. Enter the amount per cash/money order and/or checks in the appropriate revenue account(s).
  6. List each check separately as to check number, payor, and check amount for up to five checks.
  7. Enter your Student Organization Account number on the checks to be deposited.
  8. Add all deposit amounts for the total deposit.
  9. Attach supporting documentation for each deposit.  This could include:
    1. Bank Statement (initial deposit only)
    2. Sales Receipt Log
    3. Copy of Student Organization Event Registration Form for events
    4. Copy of ASI funding award letter/email, or
    5. Copy of ASI Request for Payment
    6. Copy of record for membership dues collected
  10. All deposits without attached cash, checks and appropriate supporting documents will not be accepted by U-SU and will be returned immediately.
  11. The organization’s president and treasurer must sign and date the club and organization deposit slip, and submit it to U-SU 306.
  12. The U-SU business office will verify the deposit amount and follow Cal State LA Cash Handling Guidelines when processing the deposit.  

If your organization anticipates receiving checks and depositing these checks into your Student Organization Account, please note the following:

  1. All checks must be made payable to:
    • California State University, Los Angeles – Student Organization Name; or
    • Cal State LA – Student Organization Name

The University is no longer accepting checks that are made payable solely to “ Student Organization Name”.

  1. Checks accepted by the University must contain all legally required elements including:

  • Dating no earlier than 180 days prior to the day of acceptance and no later than the day of acceptance. Posted-dated checks are not to be accepted.
  • Legible and consistent amounts, both the numeric and written.
  • The account holder’s signature on the signature line.
  • No two-party checks, post-dated checks, checks drawn on a foreign bank, checks bearing “Payable/Paid in Full” are to be accepted.
  • Enter your Student Organization Account number on the checks to be deposited.