Benefits of Recognized Student Organizations

Recognized organizations at California State University, Los Angeles are entitled to the following:

  • Ability to host on and off-campus events and organizational meetings
  • Use of certain University facilities at no cost (i.e., classroom space and main walkways)
  • Training for advisors
  • Access to information on retreat planning, icebreakers, team builders, enhancing communication skills, officer transitions, and other organizational topics within the resource library
  • Use of tables on campus walkways and flyer posting areas of the University to publicize organization events
  • Use of audiovisual equipment on-campus
  • Ability to request funding from Associated Students, Inc.
  • Access to a University-Student Union Organization Account
  • Workshops designed for an individual organization on topics of interest (including but not limited to recruitment, communication between members, officer transition, motivation, etc.)
  • Assistance from CSI to help the organization function effectively through advisement, program planning, and leadership training
  • Opportunity to link the student organization website to the Presence student organization platform.

Associated Students, Incorporated

Recognized student organizations in good standing with the University receive various forms of support from the Associated Students, Incorporated (A.S.I.).  A major portion of the annual A.S.I. budget is allocated to student organizations, schools, and cultural programs sponsored by student groups. For more information, please visit their Organization Funding page.