Athletics – Assessment

Athletics looked at our Student-Athlete Advisory Committee’s participation the Diversity and Inclusion Social Media Campaign, a national effort spearheaded by the NCAA for the past four years.

How did this program connect to the social justice domain?

This campaign provides a prime opportunity for student-athletes, administrators, coaches, and fans across the country to use their platform to engage in a discussion about and promote diversity and inclusion. The goal is to create dialogue surrounding diversity and inclusion and to communicate how inclusive environments enhance the student-athlete experience.

The Campaign

My Voice, My Platform

DAY 1: Social media posts on day one explored student-athletes' identities, perspectives, and experiences.

person in tank and track shorts running. A tweet by Cal State LA SAAC saying Day 1 Diversity and Inclusion “My voice, My platform” Golden Eagle Mya Ferguson representing the women’s track and field teams shares her voice. Mic icone @Myaaniel

Championing Change

DAY 2: The second day focused on personal and institutional action steps for inclusive excellence.

Championing change. Profile view of Golden Eagle mascot head.

Belonging Is...

DAY 3: Posts on the final day of the campaign supported fostering communities of belonging within athletics.

Athletics - Belonging Is...


The most measurable outcome was the number of participants – approximately 10-15 – who were active in the SAAC and Diversity and Inclusion Social Media Campaign. Many student-athletes graduated during the period of virtual instruction when sporting events paused. The social media campaign was a great way of reintroducing athletics and sporting events to the University as we prepared to return to campus.

Next Steps

Four athletes standing side by side. Two in the center are holding volleyballs.
  • Establish yearly programming, speaking engagements, professional development opportunities through our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.
  • Continue involvement with the CCAA and NCAA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committees.
  • Continue evaluating student-athletes holistic experiences here and how we can make those better.