The Internet of Things (IoT) Research group focuses on research in area of Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems / Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). IoT systems form a new class of ubiqutous networked systems examples of which are all around us! Smart cities, smart homes, self-driving smart vehicles, and drone systems used for delivery, video-streaming, and monitoring are all examples of IoT systems. With the increase in readily available hardware, e.g., Raspberry Pis, Arduino boards, and a variety of sensor devices, it is highly achievable for anyone to create their IoT system. With the increasing popularity of IoT systems rise various research questions. Some of the open research questions are:

  • What is the best way for devices in these systems to communicate with each other and with users? What protocols and communication standards should these devices use?
  • How can we make these systems share a large amount of sensing data, i.e., data from sensor nodes, and what is the best way to process and analyze that data?
  • How can these system support critical applications with very low latency or very high throughput requirements? 
  • How do we make sure that the highly sensitive data being shared by these systems is secure?

The aim of the IoT lab is to develop IoT systems for real-world problems, and use these systems to answer the open research questions stated above. From a theoretical perspective, our research involves designing aspects of IoT systems and applications, i.e., system design, design of effective data communication protocols, design of security protocols, and effecient machine learning algorithms for data processing. From an experimental perspective, our work involves implementing IoT system testbeds for testing and validation. 

As IoT research is inter-disciplinary with applications accross many engineering disciplines, we are actively looking for collaborators with interesting IoT problems! Please reach out to us using the contact information on /research/iot-lab/contact

Find out more information about faculty and students associated with the IoT lab here: /research/iot-lab/members

Find out more information about the current research going on at the IoT lab here: http:///research/iot-lab/research