Chris Endy
List of Courses Taught
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Note: Course titles with an asterisk * at the end are classes that I created at Cal State LA.
Please email me if you would like to see syllabi for any class.
Honors College Courses
Reading Los Angeles: Community and Structure in the Metropolis (HNRS 1300 syllabus)

Introductory Courses 
U.S. History to 1877
U.S. History since 1877
    -sections with peer mentors (facilitators) in the classroom* (HIST 2020 syllabus)
    -Honors College sections with human rights focus* (HIST 202B HC syllabus)
    -Early Entrance Program sections with STEM focus* (HIST 2020 EEP syllabus)
The World since 1945 (graduate teaching assistant, UNC-Chapel Hill)

History Major Skills Courses
Historiography (HIST 3008 syllabus)
Historical Research and Writing (HIST 3090 syllabus)

Upper-Level Content Courses
U.S. International Relations in the Twentieth Century (HIST 4780 syllabus)
U.S. Popular Culture in the Twentieth Century: U.S. and World Perspectives (HIST 4820 syllabus)
United States from 1914 to 1952
United States from 1952 to the present

Teacher Preparation Courses
Issues in Teaching History and Social Science (HIST 4960 syllabus)
         -traditional and service-learning versions
Early Field Experience in History Teaching

Service Learning Courses:
Getting In! Education and Upward Mobility in the United States*
History of the American Dream* (HIST 450A with 826LA syllabus)
Issues in Teaching History and Social Science (HIST 4960 with 826LA syllabus)

Undergraduate Research Seminars:
Advertising in Twentieth-Century America*
Apologies, Confessions, and Claims to Victimhood in U.S. History*
America after War: Historical Investigations in Politics, Culture, and Memory*
Global Crises: Past and Present*
Corporations and Capitalism in U.S. International Relations*
Human Rights as a Problem in U.S. International Relations*
Image and Identity in U.S. International Relations*
U.S. Responses to World Revolutions in the Twentieth Century*
The 1970s in U.S. History*
History of Cal State LA* (HIST 4900 syllabus)

Graduate Seminars
Introduction to Graduate Study in History (HIST 5000 syllabus)
The Historian as Public Intellectual (a career-building seminar for MA students)* (HIST 5800 syllabus)
The United States in the World*
Rights in Modern U.S. History*
Capitalism in Modern U.S. History*
Historical Roots of the Fall 2016 Elections*
Community in Modern U.S. History* (HIST 5770 syllabus)
Transnational Networks in U.S. History* (HIST 5750 syllabus)