Summer 2020 SEEDS Scholars

Student smiling at camera

"The non-profit I am working with as a SEED scholar is LA Walks and our focus is the city of Wilmington. It is my task along with my partner's, to carry out an organizational need to outline the picture of street safety in this specific area. The ultimate goal would be to improve the walkability as well as the overall feeling of safety and wellbeing for city residents. This goal is to be achieved through our research in big data combined with the advocacy of LA Walks." Erin Weir, SEEDS Scholar

Wilmington Street and Environment Safety Analysis




Paula Chong
"As a SEED Scholar, I had the opportunity to work with the Latino Equality Alliance to help assess the needs within the LGBTQ community. Through the works of this project, the goal is to help empower LGBTQ youth through the organization's program outreach, which provides leadership development and mentoring for youth. By extending the reach of these programs, the community can be better educated about the social injustices and disparities that the LGBTQ community face, while also providing resources to those in need."  Paula Chong, SEEDS Scholar

Uncovering the Challenges of LGBTQ Youth and Families 



Jorge Rodriguez

"Working with CEJC I will help visualize how nursing homes need house a marginalized community that needs help during times like these. With tools like ArcGIS, we have looked at data sets that reflect obstacles the elderly communities face. The work CEJC does is vital to our community because they give elderly people a chance to be represented."  Jorge Rodriguez, SEEDS Scholar


Effects of COVID-19 on Older Adults 2020


Cindy Chen


"My internship project with City Plants involved updating the data from the last intern to include new data from April 2019 to May 2020. I mapped and extracted the data to have it data from January 2019 to May 2020 to keep track of how many trees were planted for Mayor Garcetti's Green New Deal and to show how many trees were planted in the Top 25 Equity Regions. I will be using LIDAR data and Assessor Parcel data to map potential areas for tree planting in the Top 25 Equity Regions and will be starting a biodiversity project to measure average landscape and canopy percent." Cindy Chen, SEEDS Scholar

Growing a Greener and More Equitable Future for LA


Albert Fuentes

"I am working with the non-profit JUNTOS. The focus of my project is to paint a picture of the city of Lennox. Displaying the resources available within the city as well as resources that are not represented. The ultimate goal is to help JUNTOS be a hub where the community can have access to resources that will alleviate the trauma residents are constantly living under." Albert Fuentes, SEEDS Scholar

Using LA's GeoHub Data: Lennox Community Dashboard


Paola Castro

"I am honored to say I a SEED Scholar Intern for Summer 2020. I am a second-year student at Cal State LA majoring in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing and Minor in Economics. I am working for the non-profit organization California Elder Justice Coalition. Through the ArcGIS software, I have been able to grow my skills in researching and analyzing Big data. I am passionate about my work here as I know my contribution is for the greater good of the community, and I cannot wait to see what's next throughout this journey." Paola Castro

Effects of COVID-19 on Older Adults 2020


Taimoor Khan
My name is Taimoor Ahmed Khan and I am currently enrolled in a master's in information systems at Cal State LA. While working as an industrial engineer after I received my bachelor's degree, I discovered my joy in working with data and also with visuals, which inspired me to switch fields and got me interested in the field of data. Over the summer I will be working with the non-profit, Active SGV. I will be working on a project related to public space versus private space parking.  

Active SGV: Community Outreach and Positive Impact 




Other SEED scholar projects:

LA Habor Asthma Pollution Heat Map (SmartAir LA)

Strategic Alliance for a Just Economy Dashboard (SAJE)