SOC 3300

Course: Social Issues in the Urban Setting (SOC 3300)

Professor: Theodoric (Ted) Manley

This course investigated social issues in the urban setting utilizing LA GeoHub Big Data to track, monitor, evaluate, and analyze a series of spatial and demographic indicators related to the quality of life in Los Angeles; including but not exhaustive of –economic, education, employment, environment, health, housing, population, recreation, safety, transportation etc. The development of technological and economic changes in Los Angeles and their impact on ethnic, gendered, cultural and class diversity is examined to understand the manifest and latent consequences of urban growth in Los Angeles, and the role of city, state, and federal institutions and private corporations (i.e., developers, financial, legal and real estate). Cross-cultural comparisons include efforts to assess the impact of urban disinvestment and reinvestment, gentrification/urban revitalization in the city Boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn NY, selected community areas in Chicago, IL and Denver CO. Population concerns, including homelessness, are addressed throughout the course with a focus on social planning.

Student Projects

South Central’s Housing Problem
Albert Fuentes

Understanding Code Violations in LA County and South Central
Alexander Berry

The Effect of the Housing Crisis on Minority Groups
Genesis Dominguez

Using spatial analysis to address land use and the impacts on urban growth
Giselle Ortez

Median Income and Climate
Janice E. Reyes

Analyzing Skid Road Data Collected
Loreli Sandoval

The Effects of Social Urban Issues on Climate
Daniel Baker

Urban Issues on Race/Ethnicity and Climate
Danny Amador

Housing and its correlation with Los Angeles' Climate
Frank A. Sanchez

SCLA (South Central Los Angeles) Housing Worry
Hugo Aguirre

The Effects of Social Urban Issues on Climate
Chase Johnson

Los Angeles Housing Problems in Neighborhoods
Ricardo Martinez-Luna

Urban Growth in South Central: Routine and Complaint Inspections
Jason Alonso

Housing: How Growth and Loss are Determined by Socio-Status
June Martinez

Residential Issues in South Central
Kristina Gevorkyan

The Issue of Homelessness in Downtown, Los Angeles Skid Row
Mary Metsoyan

Urban Growth in South Central: Routine and Complaint Inspections
Mirka Guzman

Educational attainment and it’s relation to homelessness
Diana Flores

Race and ethnic demographics in the Homeless population
Emily Castaneda

The Exploration of Median Income in Los Angeles
Beatriz Pérez

GIS map data showing the disparity of homelessness in downtown Skid Row
Maritza Carranza