CIS 4250-01

Course: Business Intelligence Applications (CIS 4250-01)

Professor: Shilpa Balan

As part of the NSF Big Data Grant received from NSS, this course is redesigned this Spring 2020 where students will utilize data from LA City Open Data. Students worked with community partners to promote community engagement through the utilization of LA City Open Data. This course focused on business intelligence – a technology approach to data analysis to extract information and knowledge from large volumes of data using various BI software to support decision-makers. Students learned analytical components and technologies used to create dashboards and scorecards, data mining methods, and artificial intelligence techniques.

Student Projects

A Geospatial Data Mapping Analysis: Safe Walking Environment Solutions in San Fernando Valley and South Los Angeles
Mario Arguello, Ahaliya Sivanantham, Christopher Alipio, Yash Choksi

A Geospatial Study: Steps toward a Healthier San Gabriel Valley
Alex Ramirez, Anthony Marcial, Eddie Castanon, Taimoor Khan

Geospatial Analysis of Automobile Accidents in the San Gabriel Valley Area
Carlos Beltran, Richard Lai, Andy Truong, Marisa Gonzales, Kevin Long Chau

Accessibility of Public Transportation in the Los Angeles Unified School District: A Geospatial BigData Study using ArcGIS
Ivan Pantaleon, Teresa Mendez, Waldir Orellana

Mapping the Crime in LA County: Spatial Analysis for increased Pedestrian Health and Safety
Calvin Lai, Ani Ambartsumyan, Grace Mayorga, Justin Phan

The Truth About Air Pollution: A Geospatial Analysis on the Boyle Heights and Long Beach Area
Jeffrey Dang, Yong Fan Chen, Galust Navasardyan, Priyanka Soni

A Spatial Mapping Application to Identify Impact of Air Quality in Long Beach
Annie Chen, Avery Aguilera, Garrett Tice

A Big Data Study using Spatial Mapping: Air Pollution Impacts on Asthma in the San Pedro and Long Beach Area
Paula Chong, Alexis Carrillo, Santos Arriaga, Aaron Cun

A Study of Air Quality and Health Impact in Southern California using Geospatial Analysis
Michael Cheung, Matthew Chung, Ignacio Galeana