Big Data Project Partners

City of Los Angeles (Mayor's Data Team)

Mayor Garcetti is a fourth generation Angeleno and the 42nd Mayor of Los Angeles. His agenda is focused on creating a safe, livable, and prosperous city.  The Mayor's Data Team implements Mayor Garcetti’s data strategy for the City of Los Angeles by making data accessible to all. We work with city departments, the civic tech community, sister cities, private partners, and academics to develop insights and digital tools that make the City more livable and equitable for all Angelenos.

The Mayor's Data Team provides data resources and training to faculty, students, and nonprofits so that they can better leverage this City asset. In doing so, the Mayor's Data Team is integral in helping individuals and organizations advocate for meaningful community change through the effective use of City data. The City's data can be found at and

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Community Partners 

Community Partners, a long-time nonprofit fiscal sponsor and intermediary organization in Los Angeles, helps start-up, manage and grow powerful solutions to community challenges. As a partner on the Community Data Initiative, Community Partners is working to build the data capacity of nonprofits to strengthen their work and introduce students to the social good potential of nonprofits.

With the understanding that using data effectively can serve as a powerful tool for the work of nonprofit organizations, Community Partners is currently developing a series of data literacy and governance workshops and resources for the broader nonprofit community.

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