ART 1800

Course: Art 1800

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Professor: Noami Duckworth

Student Projects 

Las Fotos Project Survey: Helping capture Los Angeles data of women of color and inequality within the Arts and Entertainment Industry
Alma Garcia, Keiyana Webb-Phillips, Christopher Guerrero, Yuleysi Quintero

Latino Equality Alliance LGBTQ+ Youth Personal Info and School Climate Survey
Lyza Mendoza, Kevin Castillo, Karina Salas, Jessica Henriquez

Mindful Veteran Project Survey: Demographic & Mental Health Data Collection
Francisco Giron, Ricardo Illingworth, Pamela Jiron, Steve Majano

The Need For Nature in Urban Communities
Larry Juarez, Alexia Figueroa, Jayce Feliscuzo, Jessica Moreno, Jacqueline L-Rodriguez