Frequently Asked Questions

Requisition status?

First check the ‘Add/Update Requisitions’ screen to ensure your requisition is in the ‘Approved’ status. If the status shows ‘Open’, it means the requestor has not yet approved it.

Can I change information on a requisition after I save it?

The requestor can only make changes to requisitions that are in ‘Open’ status. Once a requisition has been approved, only the approver can go back and make changes. However, this can only be done prior to the requisition being sourced into a PO by the buyer. Once the requisition is sourced into a PO, only the buyer can make any changes.

Can a vendor to proceed once I have submitted a requisition?

A requisition does not constitute approval to proceed. The vendor cannot act without a fully-executed purchase order from Procurement and Contracts.

How long does it take to process a requisition?

It depends on a number of factors:

  • Bid requirements (if applicable)
  • Vendor terms inconsistent with the CSU Policy
  • Missing or partial information
  • Vendor quotes over 30 days
  • Additional authorizations required
  • Insurance required
  • Vendor Data Record Form 204

Can a state employee sign a vendor quote?

Only the buyer is authorized to sign vendor quotes.

How can I tell when my purchase order has been processed?

A purchase order has been fully-executed when the word ‘Dispatched’ is displayed next to the PO number on the ‘Add/Update Requisitions’ screen. If you do not specifically see this word, the order is still in process.

Who should I contact if I am having problems with my order?

The first point of contact should always be the buyer listed on the purchase order.

Who should I contact for general procurement questions?

Please email us at [email protected]

What situations require insurance?

All vendors conducting business on California State University, Los Angeles property must be properly insured, if not sure contact the University Risk Management Department.

Can faculty, staff, or students be hired as independent contractors?

Please click on the following link, to guide you through the independent contractor pre-hire worksheet.