Campus Traditions

The University Mace

The University Mace The University Mace is a ceremonial symbol of authority carried in academic processions. The honor of serving as Bearer of the Mace at California State University, Los Angeles, is accorded to the chair of the Academic Senate, the governing body of the faculty.

The mace bears the Seal of the University. The crowning ornament depicts the Bird of Paradise, official flower of the City of Los Angeles. The buds represent the letters, arts, and sciences. The design at the foot is derived from the poppy, floral emblem of the State of California. The decorative bands encircling the mace symbolize the mountainous terrain of Southern California. The mace was designed by the late Hudson Roysher, emeritus professor of art.


The University Seal

The University Seal The University Seal has as its motif the outline of the State of California, with a sunburst indicating the location of the University within the City of Los Angeles. The open book symbolizes the educational mission of the University, with the numerals indicating the date of founding.

The original design for the seal, created by John R. Siebon, was accepted by the Associated Students as its official emblem in November 1949, and was adopted officially by the President Howard S. McDonald and the Executive Council in April 1953.


The President's Medallion

The Presidential Medallion The President’s Medallion, a replica of the University Seal, was fashioned by Carolyn R. Radakovich, professor of art. In March 1995, the medallion was taken into space aboard the NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour by alumnus Samuel T. Durrance, astronaut and astrogeophysicist. The mission was the eighth flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, the 68th flight of the Space Shuttle program, and the longest NASA Space Shuttle flight to that date.


The University Hymn

The University Hymn All hail to thee, our alma mater dear!
We sing with faith and pride thy praises far and near.
We dedicate our lives to truth and peace and right,
To give the world the torch of freedom’s light.
Hail, All Hail!

- Marian Crowell Bessette (’49)


The Fight Song

The Fight Song Golden Eagles!
We're behind you all the way.
Golden Eagles!
Black and Gold is here to stay.
Golden Eagles!
Now it's on to win the day.
We will fight, fight, fight.
Fight with all our might for Cal State L.A.!

- Fran Baxter