Faculty And Staff

Kinesiology, Nutrition and Food Science Faculty

Photo of Dr. R. Beyer
Robbi Beyer (Ph.D., Texas Woman’s University)
(323) 343-4664

Pedagogy, Adapted Physical Education; Director -Physical Activity Center for Education (PACE)

Photo of Dr. D. Bridges
Dwan M. Bridges (Ph.D., Ohio State University)
Phone: (323) 343-4658

Adapted Physical Education; Movement Experiences for Children; Physical Education Pedagogy; PACE (Physical Activity Center for Education)

Photo of Dr. L. Calderon
Laura Calderon, Dr.P.H., RD (Loma Linda University)
Emeriti Professor

Community Nutrition, Obesity, Management in Dietetics, Eating Disorders, Time Management, Stress Management, Seminars in Dietetics, Nutrition and Fitness, Adolescent Health, Nutrition for the Athlete, Research Concepts

Photo of Dr. A. Cornwell
Andrew Cornwell (Ph.D., Louisiana State University)
Phone: (323) 343-4648

Biomechanics; Motor Control; Exercise and Fitness; Exercise and Human Performance Laboratory.

Photo of Dr. S. Cordova
Sierra Cordova, (Ed.D., California State University, Los Angeles)
Assistant Professorr
(323) 343-4639

Physical Education; Pedagogy; Positive Youth Development

Photo of Dr. G. Crocker
George Crocker, Ph.D., (University of California, Davis)
Assistant Professor
(323) 343-4667

Exercise Physiology; Fitness Assessment; Statistics & Research Methods

Picture of Dr. R. deLeon
Ray D. deLeon (Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles)
Professor and School Director
(323)- 343-4855

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation/Therapy; Motor Learning/Control; Mobility Center; Spinal Plasticity Laboratory; Spinal Cord Injury Exercise Research.

Photo of Dr. C. Dy
Christine Dy (Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles)
(323) 343-5440

Motor Learning/Control and Neuromuscular rehabilitation after spinal cord injury.

Photo of Dr. D. Frankl
Daniel Frankl (Ph.D., Southern Illinois University)
(323) 343-4662

Sociology and Psychology of Youth Sports; History and Philosophy of Physical Activity; Teacher/Coach Instructional Effectiveness; Information Technology in Kinesiology and Nutritional Science. Website: http://instructional1.calstatela.edu/dfrankl/default.asp

Photo of Dr. K. Gottesman
Kimberly Gottesman, DCN, RDN, LDN, CNSC (Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey)
Assistant Professor

Management Principles in Dietetics, Weight Management, Physical Activity, Nutrition Support

Photo of Dr. H. Hillstrom
Kathryn (Mandy) Hills trom, Ed.D., MPH, RDN (University of Southern California)
Professor and DPD Director
(323) 343-4729

Introductory Nutrition, Maternal and Childhood Nutrition, Cultural Foods, Current Concepts and Controversies, Management in Dietetics

Photo of Dr. P. Jambazian
Pera Jambazian, Dr.P.H., RD (Loma Linda University)
Emeriti Professor

Institutional Foods, Nutrition, Food Service Management, Cultural Foods, Sanitation.

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Michael Selvan Joseph (Ph.D., University California, Los Angeles)
Assistant Professor
(323) 343-4580

Spinal Plasticity, Spinal Learning & Memory 

Photo of Dr. A. Kaur
Anureet Kaur Shah, Ph.D., Texas Woman’s University, Dallas
Assistant Professor and Graduate Student Coordinator (Nutritional Science)
(323) 343-4031

Nutritional Biochemistry; Bioactive compounds; Isoprenoids and chronic diseases (cancer and cardiovascular diseases)

Picture of Dr. S. Keslacy
Stefan Keslacy (Ph.D., University of Montpellier, France)
Assistant Professor, Graduate Coordinator for Kinesiology
(323) 343-4654

Exercise Physiology 

Photo of Dr. N. Khodiguian
Nazareth Khodiguian (Ph.D., University of Southern California)
(323) 343-4676

Exercise Physiology; Exercise and Fitness; Exercise and Human Performance Laboratory.

Photo of Dr. A. Larson
Anne Larson, Ed.D. Teachers College/Columbia University
(323) 343-5243

Sport-Based Youth Development; Community Leadership of Physical Activity; Founder of AIYDA – Activating Intentional Youth Development

Photo of Dr. S. Landsberger
Samuel E. Landsberger (Sc.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
(323) 343-4655

Director, Rehabilitation Engineering Program at the Los Amigos Research and Education Institute (LAREI) of the Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center; Rehabilitation, Design and Engineering Program; School Outreach: Program in Rehabilitation Design/Kinesiology.

Photo of Dr. S. Lee
Sae-Mi Lee, Ph.D. West Virginia University
Assistant Professor

Sport and exercise psychology, physical cultural studies

Photo of Dr. S. Mangalassarry
Sunil Mangalassary, Ph.D. (Clemson University)
Professor and Associate Director
(323) 343-5441

Coordinator, Food Science and Technology Program, Food Safety/Food Microbiology/Food Packaging

Photo of Dr. A. Sheard
Ailish C. Sheard, Ph.D.,(University of New Mexico, Albuquerque)
Assistant Professor
(323) 343-5334

Environmental Physiology

Photo of Dr. C. Tucker
Clea Tucker, PT, DPT Azusa Pacific University
Assistant Professor
(323) 343-4641

Advanced Movement Analysis in Sport, Performance, and Injury, Practicum in Performance Medicine, Biopsychosocial Application: A Case-Based Application in Sport and Performance

Research interests: Performance (sports & performing arts) Medicine & Neuroscience: concussions, chronic pain, movement science.

Health Equity & Multidisciplinary approaches to care; Female Injury patterns and prevention

Photo of Dr. J. Zhao
Jing Zhao, Ph.D., (University of Kentucky)
Assistant Professor
(323) 343-4665

Food Science and Technology, Food Chemistry

Kinesiology, Nutrition and Food Science Lecturer

Photo of Professor C. Adase
Carrie Adase MS, RDN (California State University Los Angeles)
Lecturer/ Post Baccalaureate Coordinator/DPD Advisor
Photo of Professor A. Badr
Ahmed Badr, MA, MBA, ACSM-CEP, ACSM-EMIII (California State University Los Angeles)
Lecturer/Clinical Exercise Physiologis
Photo of Professor S. Elizondo
Suzanne Elizondo, MS, RDN (California State University Los Angeles)
Lecturer/ Student Dietetic Association co-Advisor
Photo of Professor S. Gonzalez
Stephen Gonzalez M.S. (California State University Los Angeles)
Lecturer/Activities Coordinator

Physical Activity Instruction Program Coordinator; Martial Arts; Gymnastics; Exercise and Fitness.

Eileen Moylan, MS, RDN (California State University Los Angeles)
Lecturer/ KNFS Contracts Coordinator

Adult Nutrition, Foodservice Management, Institutional Foodservice, Professional Interactions and Writing Skills

Photo of Dr. C, Simmons
Cheryl Simmons, Ph.D. (California State University Los Angeles)
Lecturer/ Older Adults Group Exercise Faculty at the Mobility Center
(323) 343-466

Exercise Interventions and Aging, Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Photo of Professor C. Wong
Connie Wong, PT, M.A. (California State University Los Angeles)
Lecturer/ Co-supervisor of the Mobility Center
Phone: (323) 343-4657

Principles of Mobility Training, Neuro-rehabilitation

Photo of Professor R. Zesati
Ruben Zesati, B.S. (California State University Los Angeles)
Lecturer/Intramurals Coordinator
(323) 343-4626

Intramural Recreational Sports Program Coordinator


Griselda Arellanes
Administrative Support Coordinator II
Maria Victora Erskine
Administrative Support Coordinator I
Nelson Herrera
Athletic Equipment Attendant
Ashlie Garcia
Administrative Support Assistant II
Alexandrea Virula
Instructional Support Tech II-Equipment Room