Staff at the Mobility Center

The Mobility Center is run by faculty members in the School of Kinesiology and Nutritional Science who have expertise in education and exercise for special populations



Connie Wong, PT – Professor in Kinesiology, Licensed Physical Therapist.

Christine Dy, Ph.D. – Professor in Kinesiology, an expert in locomotor training, a scientific researcher in neuromuscular physiology, activity-dependent plasticity, and cardiometabolic fitness.

Cheryl Simmons, Ph.D. - Professor in Kinesiology, exercise psychology, psychomotor development, therapeutic water therapy and water aerobics, and exercise with older adults.


Staff Trainers

Current and former students who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge, technical skill, innovation, and leadership.


Student Trainers

Student trainers are enrolled in courses that teach them how to work with their clients. Students are studying to receive their B.S. in Kinesiology or Exercise Science.