Dreamers Emergency Funding Application

The Glazer Family Dreamers Resource Center (DRC) supports undocumented students through a variety of resources, services and community engagement opportunities. The University and the DRC strive to create a welcoming environment where undocumented students can grow, flourish and succeed.  

As part of this commitment, and through the philanthropic establishment of the D’Aiello Sandoval Fund, emergency funds are available to Cal State LA undocumented students who are enrolled and matriculated in a degree or credential program, and who experience unforeseen emergencies that hinder their ability to complete their academic program.

Application & Consideration Process

Students can apply for up to $500 total per academic year through the Dreamers Emergency Funding.  To apply, the online Dreamers Emergency Funding Application must be submitted. Once received, the application will be reviewed by the Dreamers Emergency Funding Consideration Committee, which will consider the contents of the application. Applicants may meet with the Director of the Glazer Family Dreamers Resource Center to explore all available resources and opportunities.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be considered undocumented
  • Must be currently enrolled and matriculated in a degree or credential program as an undergraduate or graduate student at Cal State LA during the semester that the application is submitted
  • Must be experiencing an unforeseen emergency that hinders their ability to complete school
  • Must have utilized all current awarded financial aid (if awarded any)


The following are guidelines for the completion of this application: 

  • All responses should be complete
  • Be truthful in all responses
  • Provide supplemental documentation if appropriate

Contact Information

The Dreamers Emergency Funding Application is administered by the Glazer Family Dreamers Resource Center.  If you have questions about this application, or about the Glazer Family Dreamers Resource Center, please contact us:

[email protected]
(323) 343-3219

Personal Information
If you answered “NO” to either of the questions above, you do not qualify for this emergency funding. If you have any questions, please contact the Glazer Family Dreamers Resource Center at [email protected]
Financial Need & Financial Aid
Unforeseen Emergency
Application Certification
All of the information on this form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.