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Project Detail: The proposed project provides for new student housing facilities, new soccer fields, and a parking structure within the northern portion of the Cal State LA campus.
Scope of Work: The student housing facilities will provide 1,500 beds for Freshmen and Sophmore students, as well as an associated dining facility.  The North Field is anticipated to be used as a training soccer field by a major league soccer team, and will also be used as a training field by community youth soccer organizations.  The existing surface parking lots immediately south across Hellman Avenue will be replaced with new soccer fields.  These South Fields will be used by the University students, including students living in the existing and proposed new student residence halls on site, and will support the Athletics Department programs.  The displaced surface parking will be accommodated in a new parking structure located next to the existing Parking Structure C, on the site that is currently used as a surface parking lot.  The four-level parking structure will provide approximately 1,650 parking spaces, including up to 100 new parking spaces.

North Projects Environmental Impact Report

Student Housing East Addendum



Building 12 Feasibility Study

Project Detail: HGA, Inc.
Scope of Work:  The existing Physical Science Building (Building 12) is being replaced by the new Wallis Annenberg Integrated Science Complex, consisting of La Kretz Hall and Wing B. Upon the completion of these two structures, the Physical Science Building was planned to be vacated and to be demolished. This project is to determine the feasibility of retaining the structure and converting the use of this existing building into a general academic use facility rather than demolishing the structure. The study is to evaluate the 9 story steel and concrete 218,000 GSF, 120,322 ASF structure, constructed in 1972, with attached two level parking structure; and determine the feasibility of converting the building to general academic use. The existing building is currently a science laboratory building, including laboratories, general classroom space, a +/- 200 seat lecture hall, faculty office, and support spaces.

Physical Science Building

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