References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot

Date and time
Friday, October 28, 2022 - 7:30pm
State Playhouse

Strange and magical things happen in a moonlit backyard on the edge of the California Mojave Desert. In the hot desert plains of Fort Irwin and the town of Barstow, the Cat plays teasingly with a dangerously seductive Coyote, and the Moon plays music for restless Gabriela awaiting her husband Benito’s return from the Afghanistan war. He arrives, broken and distant, and the reality of their relationship seems as strange as the apparitions that appear each night under the black blanket of the star-flooded nights. Playwright Jose Rivera, explores the scars of war on those who fight it and those who get left behind and asks the question, “What happens when one person’s deepest needs turn into another’s prison walls?”

"I say the deepest secrets and the most confusing mysteries aren't on the moon, they're in the heart of the person who lies next to you in bed every night.” – Gabriela

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