Risk Management Frequently Asked Questions

What is Risk Management?

There are two answers to this question:

  1. Risk Management is an office charged with the responsibility of assessing where losses can occur and to find appropriate risk mitigation measures to address each exposure.
  2. Broken down it can be defined as: Risk relates to exposure to the effects of accidental loss; & Management is the process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling the resources and activities of an organization to fulfill its objectives.

What is general liability insurance?

General liability insurance is annually renewable insurance that funds losses against certain specified exposures.

What is Special Event Insurance?

Special Event Insurance is insurance available to event holders who wish to lease a campus facility. This insurance may be purchased from the University and costs are based on the type of activity and number of participants (see our University Insurance Programs brochure for more information).

What is the State Vehicle Defensive Driver Training program?

This is a program administered and coordinated by the Department of General Services and the Office of Risk and Insurance Management, to conduct statewide driver safety training.

Why is the State Vehicle Defensive Driver Training program necessary?

In addition to meeting state insurance mandates, the objective of the program is to reduce the number, severity and costs associated with vehicle-related collisions.

Who is required to participate in defensive driver training courses?

Employees who operate vehicles on official business in their employment with the state.

Can I use a State-owned vehicle for travel on official State or University business?

Yes, once certain conditions have been met. Those conditions are:

  • You must be a state employee.
  • You must have written approval from a supervisor of administrator rank.
  • You must have a good driving record.
  • You must have satisfactorily completed a defensive driver training program at least once every four years.
  • You must have a valid (California) or other state driver license.

What is a good driving record?

A good driving record is one in which you, as a participant of the program, can certify that you have not been issued more than three moving violations or have been responsible for more than three accidents (or any combination of more than three thereof) during the past twelve months.

What if I want to use my privately owned vehicle to travel on state business; do the same criteria apply?

Yes; in addition you should be prepared to certify and/or provide a copy of:

As an employee, am I covered by my employer’s insurance if I get into an accident?

Employees should be aware that the insurance maintained by the state is for the liability above the amount of the employees' personal auto policies.

What is the definition of a University employee?

University employees are defined as those persons who have completed all prerequisites to CSU employment. This includes all CSU faculty, staff, and student assistants, and persons who have registered through Human Resource Management as volunteer employees.

As a student what happens if my personal property is stolen or damaged while on campus?

The University is not responsible for damage, destruction, loss or theft of personal property.

Can I ride my skateboard or bicycle on campus?

Riding of skateboards, in-line skates, or roller-skates on all campus walkways are prohibited (see state ordinance Vehicle Code Section 21113(f)).

Can I bring my pet (dog) to class/on campus?

Service animals are subject to various federal and state laws, most notably the federal Americans with Disabilities Act. In general, individuals with an accepted disability have the right to request that they have a service animal on campus as an accommodation.