Laboratory Safety Committee (LSC)


The LSC is established to create a safe and healthy environment for the campus community...The LSC helps facilitate the management of environmental, health, safety risks, and regulatory deficiencies by recommending corrective actions and interventions to campus leadership by promoting a safe and responsible laboratory safety program.

LSC Badge

Areas Under the LSC

All Cal State LA departments that handle hazardous material in a laboratory setting or are considered hazardous waste generators are required to comply with Cal State LA's policies and guidelines. Additional affected departments may include any department involved with the repair, maintenance, or service, of any machine, equipment, laboratory, or area that by virtue of location or use may represent a legitimate concern for issues associated with exposure to hazardous materials or any entity charged with the provision of services to any location posted with any type of hazardous material/waste sign, label, or other notification indicating the presence of hazardous materials.  

Upcoming Meetings

Committee meetings are held at least 3 times a year and as needed depending on the severity of a concern or issue that may arise concerning laboratory safety on campus. Only members and guests are allowed to attend. For a meeting to occur the meeting must have a least a quorum of voting members. If no quorum is reached another meeting will be scheduled.

Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Previous meeting minutes and agendas are stored under the LSC Microsoft Team. Only current voting members have access to this information. 


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